Features and benefits

Our service combines functions that both webmasters and casual internet users alike will find useful

For Internet users

We offer "Loginza" accounts to all active internet users. Our service is an OpenID 2.0 account provider which means that if you register with us, you’ll be able to take advantage of the following features:

  • The ability to visit a huge number of sites, blogs and forums supporting  OpenID authentication;
  • Reliable and safe control over your personal information;
  • You’ll have your own personal profile page with the option to create a public vCard (virtual business card) containing all your contact information

For webmasters

To owners of web-sites we offer a JavaScript authentication widget. The advantages of the Loginza widget are as follows:

  • An intuitive interface
    The widget offers an intuitive and simple login interface for users of your sites. Installing the widget on your website takes no time at all, and there are several ways that the widget can be integrated.

  • A single login system
    The widget supports a wide range of authentication methods for users of your site. Users can log in using their  OpenID as well as accounts from a wide range of web portals and services.
    Yandex Mail.RU Rambler Google
    VK.com Facebook Twitter Loginza
    OpenID LiveJournal MyOpenID Yahoo!
    Blogger Diary Flickr Wordpress
    VeriSign AOL WebMoney last.fm
  • Simple API for gathering user data
    Each provider has its own system for logging in and transferring user data. “Loginza” converts this data into a format that is easy to analyze and use. For details see Loginza.API section.
  • Automatic widget updating
    We are constantly improving the functionality of the widget and expanding the list of supported authentication services. Updates are carried out automatically without you needing to lift a finger.