What is Loginza?

For internet users

Loginza is an identification system that provides a single method of logging into popular web-services.

With a Loginza account you'll be able to visit a wide range of blogs and forums that support  OpenID and the Loginza widget. This means that you won't have to go through the same time-consuming registration procedure with each site or make sure that all your contact information and other details for each blog or forum is up-to-date.

Do you know any sites that you can use OpenID and Loginza to log in with? If so let us know and we'll add it to our OpenID site catalog!

For website owners

Loginza is an interactive JavaScript widget that allows visitors of your website to log in with a wide range of accounts from popular web-portals and services (Yandex, Google and so on, see full list).

The easy to use Loginza.API along with the availability of ready-made PHP & ASP language solutions lets you effortlessly give users who visit your site the option to log in using their accounts with Yandex, Google, Rambler,  OpenID and a whole range of other services.

Authentication plug-ins using the Loginza.API

Loginza plug-ins allow users to log in to your website using their accounts with popular web portails such as Yandex, Google, Rambler, Mail.ru and LiveJournal, social networks including VKontakte and Facebook, as well as OpenID identifiers on sites using such engines as:

Плагин Loginza для Wordpress Плагин Loginza для Joomla Движок Cogear с интеграцией Loginza Плагин Loginza для vBulletin Плагин Loginza для phpBB Плагин Loginza для Drupal UMI.CMS Плагин Loginza для LiveStreet Plugin Loginza for Bitrix


OpenID 2.0 provider

Use your Loginza account anywhere that supports OpenID authentication. Register your OpenID with Loginza

Loginza WordPress plugin

The Loginza WordPress plugin lets you use your account with popular web portals (Yandex, Google, Rambler etc.), the Vkontakte social network and OpenID to log in to your blog.

Loginza.API and Loginza.Widget

Get OpenID authentication on your site, it’s easy!

Simple Registration Extension

The Loginza.API supports the OpenID SReg extension for retrieving user profile data during the authorization process
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