The WordPress plug-in for logging in with OpenID, and accessing VKontakte, Yandex and many other services.

This WordPress plug-in enables you to use accounts from popular portals such as Yandex, Google, Rambler, Mail.Ru and LiveJournal, social networks including VKontakte and Facebook as well as OpenID identifiers to log in.

Plug in features:

  • Users of your blog will be able to log in and leave their comments without the need to go through the registration procedure.
  • Current WordPress users can use their VKontakte, Yandex, Google, Rambler or OpenID account to log into their blog.
  • The plug-in can import additional user information from the associated account (if available from the provider) and include it in their WordPress profile.
  • Icons of each provider will appear in the comment (next to the user’s name) to show under which account the user logged in.
  • The following services are supported:
     Yandex,  VKontakte,  Facebook,  Twitter,  Loginza,  MyOpenID,  Google,
     Flickr,,  Mail.Ru,  Rambler,  Webmoney, AOL, VeriSign.

Plugin page:

Download plugin (.zip)
ver 1.1.0. Updated: 01 oct 2010
Окно авторизации используемое в плагине Loginza Измененная главная форма авторизации. На выбор вход через Loginza виджет или по логин и паролю WordPress аккаунта
Иконки провайдеров символизирующие способ авторизации пользователя в блоге. Измененная форма добавления комментария Просмотр и редактирование профиля. Изменение прикрепленного аккаунта